Updated June 19th 2020

Little Ginger Studio COVID-19 policy 2020

This policy has been devised to ensure activities and operations are in line with Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and NSW Health Guidelines. Little Ginger Studio is a children’s Art School offering educational experiences and child care. This document outlines our commitment to ensuring the provision of a safe space for our community of teachers & families with effective risk management and hygiene practices in relation to COVID-19 transmission. This will be achieved by the following:

1)  Physical distancing

2)  Management of illness in staff or students

3)  Health & hygiene practices

4)  Studio cleaning guidelines

5)  Studio classes guidelines

6)  Birthday party guidelines

7)  School holiday care program guidelines

​8) In school after care programs guidelines

We will endeavour to keep students, parents and staff informed of our actions & procedures around COVID-19.


As of Monday May 25th, school students and students in care do not need to follow strict adult physical distancing guidelines but should follow good hygiene practices.

Physical distancing remains important amongst adults. Teachers and other staff must maintain the 1.5m distance from each other and minimise close contact with students. Teachers and parents and carers must also maintain the 1.5m distance from each other.


As per the AHPPC guidelines:
“Message for parents: if your child is sick, they must not attend the (studio). You must keep them at home...
Message for children: tell your parent, guardian or teacher if you are feeling sick.
Message for teachers: do not come to work if you are sick..
Message for adults: the greatest risk of transmission in the (studio) environment is between adults. It is of importance that teachers and parents alike maintain physical distancing between themselves and each other.. (when in the studio).”

LGS requests that children & parents that show any signs of respiratory illness do not attend our classes. Anyone who is sick with influenza-like symptoms, even with mild symptoms, or has been overseas in the past 14 days, should not attend the studio.

Employees are encouraged to refrain from working whilst displaying symptoms. Employees will be asked to obtain a COVID-19 negative test result before return to work to protect staff and students.

If a child or staff member displays signs of illness whilst in our care, they will be sent home as soon as possible. Where there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 we will contact the National Coronavirus Helpline (1800 020 080) for further advice.


Everyone that enters our studio must practise good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Good hygiene practices include:

-  washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds (see video), or using hand sanitiser, when

entering school, and at regular intervals throughout the day

-  particularly before and after eating, and after going to the toilet

-  for younger students, this may include having a regular handwashing schedule (a game could be

developed for younger students to come up with a 20 second hand-washing song)

-  covering coughs and sneezes with ones elbow or a tissue

-  placing used tissues straight into the bin

-  avoiding touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth

-  not sharing food or drink

Further practices:

-  staff and students will wash hands upon arrival and throughout day

-  tissues will be readily available and disposed of in bins that are emptied each day

-  hand towels will be provided & disposed of in a similar fashion

-  students will receive a freshly laundered art shirt each class (worn art shirts separated & laundered

each day)

-  tablecloths will be washed after each use

-  parents will use hand sanitiser upon arrival before sign in / payment procedures

-  mobile phones & Square payment system to be cleaned frequently

-  staff will monitor student behaviour to ensure children clean their hands at appropriate times, eg

after blowing nose

-  staff will continually assess & action cleaning processes where needed (eg. if a child spreads

droplets by sneezing or coughing, clean surfaces with disinfectant wipes immediately)

-  staff will follow cleaning guidelines after each session

First Aid: Standard precautions will be adopted when providing first aid such as sanitising hands before and after providing first aid and wearing gloves. Hand sanitiser & gloves will be available in our studio First Aid kit.


Although, Corona viruses, including COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for many hours, they are readily inactivated by cleaning and disinfection. Therefore, we are following an increased schedule of environmental cleaning at LGS.

After each class: (please note back to back classes count as 1 class):

-  clean and disinfect with bleach solution high touch areas: tabletops, doorknobs & handles, light

switches, taps, soap dispensers, sinks & tops of chairs

-  clean art materials & equipment used in lesson eg: paintbrushes, textas, pencils etc.

-  clean play materials used: Duplo, drawing mirror

-  kitchen surfaces cleaned with bleach solution

-  bathroom surfaces & toilets cleaned with bleach solution - especially high touch surfaces

-  staff to use “LGS Post Class COVID-19 Cleaning checklist” each shift

Regular cleaning of floors, walls, windows and other minimally touched surfaces will occur when soiled. Please refer to Department of Health routine environmental cleaning information here.


(Preschool classes, after school programs and Saturday Kids Creative Club)

Strategies to minimise risk, practise physical distancing (in addition to hygiene practices):

-  chalk marks on pavement outside studio to encourage physical distancing

-  only one parent to enter studio at a time for sign in and pick up

-  arrange furniture to leave as much space as possible between students gently encouraging

students to maintain 1.5 metre rule

-  avoidance of some group activities that involve close proximity

-  taking care to minimise the\ use of art materials that are shared and cannot be adequately cleaned eg. playdough, rainbow rice, soft materials or use of yarn

-  where possible, avoiding close-proximity queuing and encouraging increased space between

students, for example by placing markings on the floor to line ups for hand washing etc

-  ensure students always wash hands before using shared equipment


As per Health & hygiene and Studio classes guidelines above with the addition of:

-  All parties are now “drop off” with no parents in attendance (except for birthday child’s family)

-  Customers are encouraged to avoid “share foods” when catering and instead supply individual

“food packs” (LGS accepts no responsibility for the hygiene practices in food preparation &

appropriateness of catering at parties, which remains wholly the responsibility of the customer)

-  Parents must drop their child off at the door rather than enter the studio

-  Customer are discouraged from blowing out candles on a communal cake and are encouraged to

supply individual cupcakes


As mentioned, students in a school or childcare environments no longer need to adhere to strict physical distancing requirements and the 4 square metre rule does not apply, although good hygiene practices should continue.

At LGS we plan to implement the following strategies in addition to our regular Health & hygiene and Cleaning guidelines listed above:

-  programs will be designed to avoid use of shared art material that cannot easily be cleaned (eg.


-  parents will be asked to sign in their children outside of the studio and will not enter the space.

Students will be released one at a time at the end of the day as usual with no parents in the space

-  we will avoid close-proximity queuing

-  gently encourage physical distancing where practicable

-  enjoy our time outdoors even more than usual, and if possible undertake some art-making


-  implement strict monitoring and policing of students eating habits and discourage food sharing

-  ensure students wash their hands effectively before and after eating

-  offer hand cleaning (sanitiser) before and after use of play equipment in public parks


These guidelines reflect the protocols imposed by the NSW DET. All staff to provide personal contact info to school to assist contact tracing.


When one school site, LGS staff will:

-  Stay at home if unwell

-  Practise good hygiene as outlined above

-  Wash hands regularly and thoroughly (staff & students use hand sanitiser / soap when entering

classroom and frequently during class)

-  Have hand sanitiser, soap, paper towels & tissues available)

-  Maintain respiratory hygiene (cover cough & sneeze)

-  Avoid shaking hands

-  Maintain physical distance (especially adults)

-  Implement cleaning protocol for shared items (shared before use, cleaned between groups,

disposed of if cannot be cleaned, cleaned if exposed to bodily fluids)

-  Use PPE where relevant (eg when providing first aid)

-  Keep the school environment clean. (All high touches surfaces wiped down with suitable cleaning

product after class)

-  clean any school equipment with detergent and water or disinfectant at end of class

-  Bring own items for activities to minimise sharing of items

-  Remove rubbish and empty bins when leaving site

-  parents cannot enter school ground for pick up - students to be walked to locked gate for pick up