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Most Asked Questions

1. When will I receive my Creative Kid Voucher refund?

Vouchers are usually redeemed on the day of the program. If your voucher details are successful (up to 30% fail), you will be refunded to the card used for your booking. The funds should arrive a couple of days after that. This is the only way I can ensure no-one is missed with hundreds of bookings.

2. What is the teacher to student ratio for our School Holiday Care programs?

We have up to 24 students at the studio each day of our holiday programs supervised by 2 teachers and 1 teenage helper.

3.  Can 4 year olds attend our School Holiday Care programs?

Our holiday programs are strictly for 5 year olds and above only. The activities are designed for Primary Students and littlies don't tend to cope with the long day.

4. Do you do half-day sessions during the holidays?

We no longer offer half-day workshops.

5.  Do you offer any classes for toddlers?

We have not run our Art Playgroup session since the Covid pandemic but may  do so in the future.

6. Can you keep me updated?

Please subscribe to our website and you will be updated whenever we have news.

7. Are your birthday parties drop off?

Yes, all our parties are strictly drop off (birthday child's family may attend)

8. What is the maximum number of attendees for your parties?

Our maximum is 17 (due to furniture). Glow in the dark parties are 15 max.