Get in quick and grab your child's favourite school holiday program!

Glow-in-the-dark Mega party

Studio is blacked out halfway through party & UV lights activated

Art activities included:

  • huge collaborative glowing MURAL

  • glow in the dark DRAWING activity

  • glow in the dark CANVAS to create & take home

  • play with pre-made glowing SLIME

  • each child takes home some slime & canvas (note- slime will not glow under normal light)

Clay Play Party

Activities include:

  • free choice watercolour table: cake watercolours, coloured sharpies
  •  collaborative painted mural with birthday child's name
  •  Choice of Small World / Indian Elephants / Monsters paper clay sculpting activity, decorations may include but are not limited to: sequins, beads, pipe cleaners, pompoms, matchsticks, leaves, fluoro pebbles, glass stones, cocktail umbrellas, paper straws, flowers, leaves etc 

Please note clay is unfired but will harden over time (photo for illustration purposes only and actual artwork may differ - clay & paper plate can be composted)

Slime Sensory Play Party

Activities include:

  • collaborative painted mural birthday child's name
  • free watercolour paint table: coloured sharpies, cake watercolours
  • create a one clear slime from scratch, add colour & glitter + playtime
  • create our top-secret recipe drawable slime (pictured) + playtime
  • attendees take home 2 slimes + watercolour painting 

(slimes are good for at least a week, we recommend keeping in air-tight container to retain moisture. & elasticity. Dispose of in rubbish bin, containers can be recycled)

Canvas Painting party 

Art activities included:

  • collaborative painted mural birthday child's name 
  • Paint a canvas: Outer Space / Cats in Space, Unicorns, Underwater World, Purrmaids, Monsters & Aliens, Dinos & Dragon
  • attendees take home a kid-made painted canvas