Small Worlds Clay



Duration: 2hrs

Age range: 5-12 year olds (this is a drop off party for Primary students)

Non-gender specific



A)    LARGE COLLABORATIVE PAINTING UPON ARRIVAL: Kids paint a large mural with birthday child's name

B) SMALL WORLDS CLAY - Kids create their own imaginary world using clay and fill it with tiny houses, trees, toadstools, flowers or anything they wish. Add colourful craft materials such as mini pompoms, popsticks, pipe cleaners, feathers, sequins etc. to decorate. 

(NOTE: clay sculptures go home unfired)

 (Pics are suggestive only and do not represent final product or actual materials used)


C) WATERCOLOUR PAINTING - peaceful starting / finishing activity - kids create "free paintings" using coloured sharpies, watercolours, coloured pencils 



1) A beautiful art studio venue, use of all furniture, equipment & materials including artsmocks and toilet facilities.

(At Little Ginger Studio we pride ourselves on being generous with materials)


2)    Fun & creative art activities & art instruction

- a collaborative artwork for birthday child to take home,

- one main activity for all to take home

- one peaceful finishing activity

(3 separate activities in total)


3)    TWO staff members at all times so you can relax while we do the work!

(one lead teacher with teaching qualifications and one junior staff member as an aide)


4)    Colourful but tasteful decorations (at studio owner’s discretion)

5)    Cups & plates for party food



1)  Enthusiastic little artists


2)  All catering including the cake, napkins & knife to cut the cake 


3) You are in charge of the cake: singing of Birthday song, cutting & distributing the cake(s)


4) Party bags


Friday (12 attendees) $750, (10 attendees MAXIMUM) $645

Saturday (12 attendees) $750 

Sunday (12 attendees) $840 

Additional attendees $45 (17 max)

(all prices GST inclusive)

email for date availability

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