Read, Make

& Play


is a fun-filled hour long creative class for 3-5 year olds. 

(formerly Arty Crafters)



- Enjoy a quality piece of children's literature 

- Develop their listening skills & turn-taking

- Improve their vocabulary & understanding of the world



- Create an artwork or craft project inspired picture books

- Learn new art-making & craft skills

- Explore a range of media: drawing, painting, clay, sculpture & collage



- Explore the fun of Process Art (eg: painting with toy cars)

- Make a mess with Sensory Play (eg.foam painting)

- Collaborate on mural paintings 


Book per term or try a trial class.  

Join at any time and pay pro rata. 

(no more drop-ins after a trial sorry) 


Taught by professional Arts Educator, Art therapist & Artist Shallal Bader

Mondays April 26th  - June 6th

9:30am -10:30am

Thursdays April 29th - June 17th

9:30am - 10:30am


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