• Danielle Falk

We're on The Artful Parent!

Some of you may already know, but I thought I would share it here anyway. Earlier this year I was asked to create a guest blog post by none other than Jean Van't Hul otherwise known as "The Artful Parent" (artfulparent.com)! Jean's website is a wonderful resource for all things creative and is jam-packed with fun and easy art-making activities to do with children of all ages. She has also put out several books: "The Artful Parent" and "The Artful Year" which I recommend.

To be asked by such an inspiring art teacher to share my creative ideas & the fun activities undertaken in our kids art classes & school holiday workshops felt really fab. I'm so proud to share my Pizza Prints guest blog post with you now and my most recent Cardboard Mask-making guest post. Hope you enjoy the read and feel inspired to get making with your little ones!


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