• Danielle Falk

Giant soft sculptures minus the sewing!

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

We first tried making giant soft sculptures during our Summer school holiday workshops and the results were so fab we couldn't help ourselves and do it again with the kids in our after school art classes.

If you're looking for the ultimate "unconventional canvas", a 3D activity and a big, colourful result - you can't go past making these super-fun and bright soft sculptures completely constructed from paper (with a little help from acrylic paint, staples and a trusty paper-shredder). Does anyone else enjoy shredding paper as much as I do?


- big paper of medium weight at least A2 sized

- acrylic paints in fluoro colours

- scissors

- lots of shredded paper

- stapler & staples

- lead pencil

- shiny streamers to decorate (I found mine at Reverse Garbage in Marrickville)


1) sketch a large, simple shape onto one page & colour in using rainbow patterns until no white remains

2) paint a pattern (eg. polka dots) on another sheet of paper for the back & let dry

3) cut out shape & trace onto patterned paper and cut so you have 2 sides for your cushion-like sculpture

4) staple halfway up your shape & stuff with shredded paper

5) staple to the top leaving a hole & stuff until full

6) staple the hole closed

7) decorate and enjoy!

We can't wait to make our next soft sculptures even BIGGER - time to go to Reverse Garbage again to source some big paper rolls I think!


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